Diamond Cutting Smoke Vents – Peterborough

Forming Smoke Vents

Project : Concrete cutting smoke vents in commercial building being converted into residential

Location :  Touthill House, Peterborough

Client :  Core Special Projects

As more commercial properties get developed into residential there is a greater need to form smoke vents in the building to aid escape should a fire occur. Smoke vents are large holes running throughout the building that vent to the outside, usually through the roof, with grilles covering them.  They operate in conjunction with the smoke alarm system and

when the alarm sounds the grilles open allowing the smoke to escape the building rather than choking the inhabitants while they try and leave the building via the stairs.


Smoke Vents

Smoke Vent to be cut

Smoke Vents

Ringsaw in action

Smoke Vent

Cutting Smoke Vent

Smoke Vents

Hydraulic Ringsaw Smoke Vent










Drill Masters were contracted by Crea Developments and Core SP to hydraulic cut 14 No. 1.5 M by 1 M and 2 No. 1 M x 1 M smoke vent openings through the 5 floors, basement and the roof of the 300 mm thick reinforced concrete floor slab. The smoke vents were located two to a floor and up against solid brick walls resulting in restricted cutting access around the smoke vent.  Drill Masters contract was for the forming of the smoke vents, removal of the concrete sections and the supply and continual relocation of the crash deck to the next level.  To form the smoke vent openings we used a hycon Ringsaw  connected to a hydraulic power pack to give the 300 mm depth required to cut through the floor.  Each smoke vent opening was divided up into 8 sections so they could be lifted out once released and then lowered to the ground for disposal in the site skips. In total each opening took just over a day to complete with an additional day required for the moving of the equipment relocating of the crash deck and preparing the area.

The building based in Peterborough was the home to the Land Registry until a few years ago where is was purchased for conversion into residential apartments.  It is being converted into 115 apartments at a cost of over £5M. Contracts Manager for Core Sp, Mel McAnulay commented “Drill masters were employed to cut out openings through insitu concrete slabs on a 5 storey building in Peterborough for the installation of smoke vents.They carried out their works in a very professional manner both speedily and safely. Would highly recommend Rob and his team for any further works”

Drill Masters are expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond floor sawing or drilling project within East Anglia.  Contact us here for assistance.

Smoke Vents

Finished Smoke riser

Smoke Vents

Finished Smoke Vent covers

Smoke Vents

Removed blocks



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