Diamond Drilling in Colchester

Diamond Drilling in Colchester our findings.

Havent posted a blog for ages so we are making a concerted effort to do more on a regular basis.  For our return this blog is on the things we have found undertaking a few jobs whilst diamond drilling in Colchester.

Diamond Drilling in Colchester

Diamond Drill rig in action

We have come across a strange thing during recent times whilst undertaking our diamond drilling works throughout East Anglia.  This is that when diamond drilling in Colchester the concrete is very sandy.  Working throughout the East of England we are used to coming across very hard flint based reinforced concrete. This type of concrete takes longer to drill but without being too technical a softer bond of diamond can be used to core through in a good time for wear ratio.  However, once this diamond bond comes up against a sandy concrete such as we have recently found when diamond drilling in Colchester it wears out too quickly and releases the diamonds before they have finished cutting.  This has resulted in us getting through diamond cores much quicker which directly impacts on our levels of profitability.  The simple solution to overcome this is to switch to a harder diamond bond which doesn’t wear so quick in sand.

Why is Colchester so Sandy?

In general Colchester is not a sandy concrete area it just happens that we have been operating in areas within the town where the concrete has a higher sand concentrate than normal.  As a rule the coastal towns of East Anglia provide a higher sand content due to where they source the aggregate for the concrete but as you venture inland it becomes more flint based and tougher to drill through.  As a specialist diamond drilling contractor we have an array of different cores depending on the type and density of concrete we are required to drill. Another key factor in determining the type of diamond to use is how old the concrete is. Green (new) concrete uses a different diamond make up to older types.  Concrete can take years to fully cure and reach its full strength.  Age of construction of the concrete also has a factor as techniques and standards have changed throughout time which need to be taken into consideration such as the amount of reinforcement used which has increased considerably since the 1980’s.

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