Diamond Drilling Ipswich – Willis Car Park, Ipswich

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

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Project: Diamond Drilling Ipswich – Holes for Anodes

Location: Willis Towers Watson Car Park, Ipswich

Client: Concrete Repairs Limited

Concrete Repairs Ltd (CRL) working directly for Willis Towers Watson have a three year project, commencing 2018, to repair and upgrade the staff car park in Chalon Street in Ipswich town center. The project consists of improving the lighting in the car park, improving the visibility of the walkways / parking bays and diamond drilling to install anodes in the car park to monitor any corrosion of the structure.

Drill Masters were contracted to diamond core 8000 No. holes 50mm diameter to a depth of 100mm in the concrete car park slab for the insertion of the anodes.  These works are divided into 3 phases to ensure the car park remained operational throughout the works. The first phase was level 8 of the car park and entrance and exit ramps and consisted of 3000 holes. Phase two includes levels 7, 6 and 5 and consists of about 3500 holes and phase three which is levels 4, 3 and 2 and has about 1500 holes.

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

Finished Car Park

The anodes are required in the floor slab to monitor any corrosion being experienced in the slab due to salt deposits from when the cars are parked.  The diamond drilled holes and thus anodes are spaced at 450mm centers max and connected in strings of 12 anodes connected to the reinforcement inside the floor slab.  The location of the anodes was decided by a in-depth survey of the condition of the car park prior to the works commencing. This survey also ensured the reinforcement in the slab was missed when diamond coring the holes.

To achieve the required number of diamond drilled holes in the timescale available Drill Masters employed a fast cutting diamond segment allowing each hole to be diamond cored in just over one minute. The process was further improved by propping the drill stand rather than bolting the stand to the ground.  In total each operative was able to achieve diamond drilling Ipswich of 70 number holes per working shift including snapping and cleaning out the holes for the anodes.   All works were completed on time allowing for the smooth reinstatement of the car park and maintaining operations throughout.


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