Diamond Drilling Ipswich with Trailer Rig

Diamond Drilling Ipswich Hospital

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

Diamond Trailer Rig

Project : Diamond Drilling Ipswich slab for chimney base

Location : Ipswich Hospital

Client : Contract Trenching

Drill Masters Diamond Drilling Ipswich team were contracted by Contract trenching to diamond drill some test holes to determine the thickness and reinforcement bar content of a concrete slab. The slab was located at Ipswich Hospital and was where a new chimney stack was going to be placing.  Four holes were cored to discover the thickness of the slab with one side found to be a thickness of 400mm while the other side was 900mm thick.  The reinforcement was discovered to be insufficient to withstand the strains the chimney stack would exert.  The structural engineer concluded a 3M by 3M section had to be removed to allow a new reinforcement birdcage to be installed encased in concrete.  The chimney stack would then be fitted to this caging.

Drill Masters were then contracted to remove the slab.  Due to the thickness of the concrete slab a diamond trailer coring rig was utilised with the objective of stitch drilling the perimeter.  The trailer rig then divided the slab into sections that could be lifted out by plant machinery.  Once the opening had been dug down to the required depth a bird cage rebar frame was installed and filled with C40 concrete to provide a strong base for the new chimney stack.

The self contained diamond drilling trailer rig supplied by Major Diamond Supplies has its own 4 stroke engine, hydraulic drive system, water storage tank and can core from 50 diameter through to 600 diameter by altering the drive head.  All contained within a single axle trailer making it easy and lightweight to tow.  In total 277 number 152 diameter holes were cored in 6 working days. Diamond trailer rigs provide fast effective drilling on a self contained basis making them ideal for remote working sites or locations that require repetitive hole drilling.

Drill Masters are expert Diamond Coring and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond drilling, floor sawing or concrete removal project within Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.  Contact us here for assistance.  For more information on our range of diamond coring services and how we can help your project visit the services section of our website.

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

Diamond Stitch Drill Pattern

Diamond Drilling Ipswich

3m x 3m opening

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