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Diamond Floor Sawing in Norwich

Floor Sawing

Floor Sawing

Project : Floor Saw to form new drains

Location : St Andrews Street Multi Storey Car Park, Norwich

Client : Concrete Repairs Ltd

This extensive floor sawing project in a live multi storey car park in Norwich was to replace the failed drainage channels which was the causing the car park to flood when it rained. The car park needed to remain operational throughout the works with only two levels at a time being available for the works to be undertaken.  The sequence of works first involved the main contractor stripping off the floor coating throughout the floor.  Drill

Floor Sawing

Diamond Blade with Saw

Masters then attended site to diamond floor saw around the old drain gulleys being removed and also form the cuts for new gulleys and expansion joints.  The main contractor then broke out the concrete between the cuts lines to form the channels and installed the new drainage gulleys and expansion joints.  Finally, once all the drains were completed a new floor surface was laid over the level.  This process was repeated throughout the six levels of the car park. The diamond floor sawing element required Drill Masters to use both petrol and electric floor saws to achieve three different depths 35 mm, 75 mm and 225 mm in the 225 mm thick reinforced concrete hollow plank decking. The hardest element of the works involved the forming of the full depth expansion joint which was 13 mm wide and 225 mm deep. This required a diamond floor sawing looping blade to be used operated on a 900 mm Petrol floor saw.  The expansion joints were German designed  and required the dowel supports to be diamond cut out rather than drilled.  This increased the amount of diamond floor sawing required on the project.

In total Drill Masters worked 3 phases on the car park over a 9 month period and diamond floor cut a total of 6800 Linear Meters to the various depths of 35 mm, 75 mm and 225 mm.  Drill Masters are expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond floor sawing or drilling project within East Anglia.  Contact us here for assistance.

Floor Sawing

Completed Car park

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