Remote Controlled Demolition – Ipswich

Remote Controlled Demolition with Brokk 100

Project: Remote controlled demolition of floor screed

Remote controlled demolition

Brokk 100 in operation

Location : Crown House, Crown Street, Ipswich

Client : Woodland Corporate Interiors 

Drill Masters Ltd who are specialist Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting contractors were contracted by Woodland Corporate Interior to remote controlled demolish 1000 square meters of 75 mm thick floor screed and remove from site on the ground floor of Crown House in Ipswich.

Woodland Corporate Interiors were awarded the £1.5M phase one contract to redevelop the ground floor office space at Crown House. This included the full rewiring and upgrading of the lighting, data cables and mains electricity cables throughout the area.  The specification was to run all the new cables under a suspended floor system but due to the ceiling height the flooring would be too high and headroom would be compromised.  The option was to reduce the current floor level down. Drill Masters were required to remove the 75 mm thick floor screed to increase the floor to ceiling height and remove the debris from the site. In total there were 1000 square meters to break up and remove.  This was further complicated by it having to be undertaken outside of office hours as the rest of the building was occupied with offices.

To achieve this Drill Masters utilised 2 No. remote controlled demolition, Brokk 100’s machines to break the screed up quickly. Brokk 100 machines are 3 phase remote controlled demolition machines that operate on a tyre track but are compact enough to fit through pedestrian doorways.  Being remote controlled the operator can not only stay away from the area being broken away but hand arm vibrations (HAVS) are eliminated as the operator is not undertaking the breaking element.  During the breaking up phase dust suppression was used to control the dust throughout the work area and rest of the building. The broken up floor screed was manually removed from the building and a conveyor was utilised to take the spoil up to the loading bays for removal by Grab Hire vehicles.

In total the remote controlled demolition process took 4 nights to completely break up the floor screed and a further 5 working days were needed to clear the debris away.  The suspended flooring system could then be installed with all the power and communications cables running underneath the new floor level.

Drill Masters are expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond floor sawing or drilling project within East Anglia.  Contact us here for assistance.

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