Drill Masters Services Include:

drillmaster_diamond core drilling

Diamond Core Drilling – Is a specific and very precise dust free method of drilling holes and forming openings. Diamond drilling sizes range from 8mm to 1M in diameter and can even be made through hard concrete materials and existing reinforcements.  All our equipment has a water feed to ensure a dust free environment.  Our Diamond Drilling services have a low vibration operation and can be done vertically, horizontally, inverted and angled.  As a result it is highly suited to working in any environment when you need to tackle large or reinforced concrete.

drillmaster_floor sawing

Floor Sawing – Is the method of creating clean and straight cuts in reinforced concrete slabs or asphalt.  This can be to a depth of 700mm. petrol, diesel and electric options are available which provide fast and precise dust free diamond cutting suitable for inside and outside.  This is ideal for creating drainage channels, removing concrete slabs, expansion joints and floor sawing also enables the cutting of expansion joints to a width of 50mm.

drillmaster_track sawing

Track Sawing – Is a track mounted sawing machine which uses a remote control and diamond blade to cut both vertically and horizontally to depths of 750mm. Used primarily for cutting wall openings, door openings, stairwell, lift shaft and ventilation ducts. Compact size and weight makes them versatile for moving between floor levels.

drillmaster_ring sawing

Ring Sawing – Is also a handheld hydraulic saw but with a blade which can cut reinforced concrete and brick to depths of 270mm. A versatile saw which provides fast and inexpensive method of cutting smaller openings and ducts.

drillmaster_chain sawing

Chain Sawing – Is a handheld hydraulic chainsaw fitted with diamond teeth on the chain. Cuts reinforced concrete and brick to depths of 480mm and is ideal for cutting doorways and windows where access room is limited and no over cut is required.

drillmaster_wall chasing

Wall Chasing – Is the method of diamond cutting a small channel for electrical cables and pipes to be embedded into the wall.  Popular with electrical contractors and heating and plumbing engineers it provides a clean neat finish to unsightly pipes and cables.

drillmaster_joint sealing

Joint Sealing – Is where silicone or polyurethane sealant is used on expansion joints, or where two different properties meet to provide a flexible joint to allow the two surfaces to expand or contract.

drillmaster_concrete repairs

Concrete Repairs – Is the process of repairing failed or damaged concrete without having to remove heavy or expensive slabs.  This process is almost exclusive to the construction industry and can save large amounts of money on reinforced projects.  In order to achieve this we inject resin to enhance the structure to ensure its durability.

Should you have any questions or require more information about the services we can offer please contact us on 07805 382241.