Concrete Crunching

Concrete Crunching by Drill Masters Ltd

Concrete Crunching Specialists

Concrete Crunching is where powerful breaker jaws are applied to the open edge of concrete and squeezed together to crush it.  The crunching jaws are powered by a hydraulic power pack and positioned by the operatives before switching the lever to apply the pressure.  The jaws exert a force in excess of 30 tons and they can clamp a structure 300mm wide.  Being silent in operation and virtually zero vibration means this machine is ideal for working in populated work areas where noise cannot be tolerated.  The power pack and jaws being relatively small can be used in area’s that the robotic demolition machines struggle to access.

Specialist Gnat Brokk and Husqvarna demolition robots fitted with concrete crushing jaws ensure virtually emission-free and produces low levels of noise, dust and vibration. Unlike the service of Concrete Bursting there is no need to pre-drill holes with a diamond core drill.  Concrete Crunching does not produce any percussion effect so structural integrity of the surrounding buildings are not effected.

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