Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling

East Anglia’s Diamond Core Drilling Specialists

This is a precise versatile and dust free method of creating holes and forming openings. Diamond core drilling sizes range from 8mm to 1M in diameter to almost unlimited depths and profiles.  These holes can be formed in hard materials and reinforced concrete.

Diamond core drilling is the use of a rotary drill motor mounted on a drill column.  This is achieved with a diamond tipped core to cut through steel reinforced concrete.

All our equipment has a water feed ensuring a dust free environment, diamond drilling is a low vibration operation and can be done vertically, horizontally, inverted and angled.  By diamond drilling holes which slightly overlay, stitch drilling, different profiles can be achieved for such things as ducting trays and ventilation ducts.  Drill Masters uses a variety of drill motors to undertake the diamond drilling but have recently preferred the Weka from JKS

We are specialists Diamond Core Drillers who cover the East Anglia region and we have been servicing the diamond core drilling  and cutting industry for over 20 years.