Floor Sawing

Drill Masters Floor Sawing Specialists

East Anglia’s Floor Sawing Specialists

Floor Sawing – Is the method of creating clean straight cuts in reinforced concrete slabs, asphalt, roads or airport runways to a depth of 700mm.  This technique is also ideal for creating drainage channels, removing concrete slabs, expansion joints and floor sawing also enable the cutting of expansion joints to a width of 50mm.

Drill Masters operate a range of floor saws including Cedima CF22 Electric Floor saw, which is powered by a three phase supply.  This makes it perfect for floor sawing inside a building.  This gives it an advantage as in confined spaces petrol fumes could cause a problem.

This lightweight electric floor saw has an impressive cutting depth of 700mm and its compact size ensures it functions in well in small rooms and tight locations.

Drill Masters floor saws are either self propelled or push along and can be supplied in diesel, electric or petrol.

Many have interchangeable blades which can be used to cut in difficult locations.