Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing by Drill Masters, East Anglia specialists

East Anglia’s Joint Sealing Specialists

Joint Sealing – Is where silicone or polyurethane sealants are used on expansion joints or where two different properties meet to provide a flexible joint to allow the two surfaces to move. Joint sealing compounds are used to seal joints and opening between two or more materials.  Their main purpose is to prevent water, air or liquids from entering a structure while permitting movement of the materials.

The two main types of joints Drill Masters specialise in, movement and concrete floor joints.  Movement joints are used to reduce and control cracking in walls and are located in strategic positions to allow low levels of movement without cracking to the masonry. Concrete floor joints include isolation joints and contraction joints. Isolation joints are used to completely isolate the concrete floor slab from either a wall or column.  These items usually have deeper footings so do not move the same way as the slab does.  Contraction joints are formed in the fresh concrete before it has a chance to create its own joints also known as cracks. Contraction joints are really just a crack in the slab that is forced to follow the line of our own choosing.

Drill Masters use many different suppliers of joint sealing products depending on the application.  The most well known being Fosroc who are global leaders in the field.