Ring Sawing

Ring Sawing

 East Anglia’s Diamond Ring Sawing Specialists


Ring sawing – Is a handheld hydraulic circular saw fitted but with a blade that can cut reinforced concrete and brick to depths of 270mm.  This is achievable by having  the drive for the fitted close to the handle rather than in the centre like many traditional centre-driven cutters.  The extra cutting depth makes ring saws ideal for cutting through double skin brick walls and reinforced concrete walls.

As ring saws are hydraulic powered they do not produce fumes in the cutting area making them suitable to use inside buildings as well as for outdoor jobs.  Hydraulics are also an excellent way to transfer high power without the cutter becoming too heavy due to a large motor being built in.  Drill Masters prominently use the Husqvarna K3600 Mk II ring saw. Its unique power / weight ration and hydraulic drive make for a highly efficient and maneuverable handheld cutter.

Ring saws are excellent for cutting or enlarging doorways, windows, lift shafts, service risers, cutting ring beams or altering manhole rings.  For more examples of where Drill Masters have used ring saws see our projects page.