Wall Chasing

Wall Chasing by Drill Masters

East Anglia’s Wall Chasing Specialists

Chasing – Is the method of diamond cutting a small channel in brick or block walls for electrical cables or pipes to be embedded into the wall and hidden from view.  This is achieved by using a specialist chasing machine which has a large spindle that two 125mm diamond cutting blades can be fitted to cut the desired channel.  The diamond blades have spaces between then to give the correct width of cut and a depth gauge to ensure the exact required depth is achieved.  Once the cuts have been completed the channel can be broken out with a handheld breaker leaving a channel in the wall for cables or pipes to be secured in.

Drill Masters use the 110 volt Hilti DC-SE20 machine which is capable of producing a 46mm wide chase to a depth of 40mm.  The fast rotary speed of the motor ensure a fast accurate cut and they are virtually dust free with a industrial vacuum attached.  With the high speed cutting function they are capable of cutting all types of brick and blocks as well as concrete and flint and hard stones.  The lightweight design and low vibration levels associated with the Hilti DC-SE20  ensure they can comfortably be used for long periods of time resulting in a very productive time on site.

This operation is popular with electrical contractors and heating and plumping engineers it provides a clean neat finish to unsightly pipes and cables.