Concrete Cutting in Enfield

Concrete Cutting Enfield

Diamond Concrete Cutting in Enfield

Project: Concrete Cutting new Cable Trench

Location: UK Power Network, Londsdale Drive, Enfield

Client: Morrison Utility Services

The project involved working within a live UK power network primary switch gear room in Enfield. Drill Masters, Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting Specialists, were tasked by Morrison Utility Services (MUS) to widen an existing cable trench for the upgrading of electrical switch gear and cabling.  The building was of brick construction and had a solid reinforced concrete floor with a cable trench already constructed into the floor.  This trench needed widening by 520mm to allow for the new cables to be housed below ground floor level.  To achieve this Drill Masters hydraulic cut a straight line the full length of the room a total of 12M to a depth of 270mm.  This cut section was then cross cut to make blocks which could then be lifted out with a jib and disposed in the site skips.  The base of the cable trench also needed concrete cutting with the hydraulic ringsaw to allow dowel bars to be inserted.  The dowel bars were drilled 200mm depth and set with Hilti HIY200 resin.  This was to allow a new concrete face to be formed on the exposed side of the cable duct.

In total this concrete cutting in Enfield project took seven days to complete and once the switch gear and cable  were installed will not be seen. Although remembered by the client, MUS who were happy with the completed works, timescale and competency of Drill Masters.  This successful project has already lead to more concrete cutting jobs in Enfield and surrounding areas for Drill Masters.

Drill Masters are expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond floor sawing or drilling project within East Anglia.  Contact us here for assistance.

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