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The Diamond Cutting Market in the Essex Region

For today’s blog we thought we would take a look at the construction industry in the Essex region to see how it is fairing for diamond cutting and drilling contractors and what the future might hold.

Diamond cutting Essex

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The Essex construction market is made up of the larger towns and cities of Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree, Southend and the industrial hub of Tilbury and its port facility the DP World London Gateway  In general the main development around the towns and cities is housing with larger development being built in all the main locations and including infrastructure and schools based projects.  Southend is slightly different with a big requirement for new flats and many of the old commercial buildings near to Victoria Station are being converted into 2 bed open plan flats.  The requirement for new housing is not specific to Essex and is being repeated throughout the country.  What is specific to Essex is the location of these new developments to existing railway stations and this is seen in both Chelmsford (close to the Cricket ground) and Colchester (from football ground down to the station) with large areas being developed into new housing to serve the community industry travelling into London on the Intercity route.

Away from residential developments there is plenty of activity in the commercial areas of construction in Essex with major development being undertaken at Tilbury to extend the DP World London gateway site. Its own website calls this the ‘UK’s fastest growing deep sea container terminal’ and it is a significant construction project in the region.  Other developments in Essex include the continual imrpovements and expansion at Stansted Airport, Expansions to Harlow and the proposed development of Harwich International Port although this is depending on the improvements to the A120 being approved.

In conclusion the County of Essex is providing many opportunities for diamond cutting and diamond drilling contractors with many projects currently taking place and many more in the pipeline for the foreseeable future. What impact the UK leaving the EU will have on the projects will remain to be seen but at present the threat of Brexit has not serious impacted on the pace of construction in the Essex region. Due to its close proximity to London the construction marketplace in Essex is likely to remain buoyant for the next few years at least.

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