Diamond Track Saw Plinths Cambridgeshire

Diamond Track saw

The Hilti Tracksaw cutting through the plinth

Diamond Track Saw plinths in Cambridgeshire

Project : Diamond track saw plinth in factory

Location: St Ives, Cambridgeshire

Client : Beamglow Ltd

Specialist diamond drilling and concrete cutting contractors Drill Masters Ltd were commissioned to diamond track saw two concrete plinths inside the printing warehouse of the carton printing firm of Beamglow Ltd. The client wanted these plinths, which were once used to house a printing press, removed to allow them to store more pallets of produce on the floor and aid the flow of work throughout the factory.

The plinths measuring 12 meters long by 600mm wide and 300mm high were cut level with the floor slab to leave a flat smooth surface for running the electric pallet trucks over.  The plinths were not only flush cut to the ground but cut into sections to enable them to be lifted out with a fork truck and disposed off site.  The total works were performed whilst the printing machines remained in operation and dust was minimized by using water during the cutting process.

The diamond track saw works took only 3 weeks to complete from start to completion allowing Beamglow to expand their operations and storage facility within the factory complex.  Total disruption was kept to a minimum at the 24 hour operating site by using a diamond track saw to cut the plinths in quick time and without causing any dust or particles which could stop the printing machines.

Drill Masters are expert Diamond Drilling and Concrete Cutting specialists and can assist with any diamond floor sawing or drilling project within East Anglia.  Contact us here for assistance.



Diamond Track Sawing

The Plinths to be removed

Cambridge track sawing

The removed plinths

Diamond track sawing

The plinths removed

Diamond track sawing

The plinths before removal

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