Retirement Home New Build

IpswNew Build Concrete Sawing

Project: Retirement Home New Build

Location: Handford Road, Ipswich

Client: McCarthy and Stone

Drill Masters were required to diamond drill holes of varying sizes on this new build assisted living retirement apartment project in Ipswich.  The various holes were for soil pipes, water pipes and Vent-Axia ducts all through the 150mm thick reinforced concrete hollow plank floor slabs.

The reason why holes are drilled after and not during manufacture of the slabs is a time and thus money saving reason.  If the planks were specially made with the openings already cast in the correct locations they would have to be precisely detailed where to place them on the building.  This method all the planks can be put down in any order and the holes cored once the building was built.  The construction of retirement homes has changed over the years from common practice of renovating large houses to building new buildings from scratch.  This method ensures all the residents requirements are fully met whilst keeping all rooms and walkways the same size and minimising stairs and odd shape areas.

Drill Masters Project Work

In total the project lasted for 4 months and the operatives diamond drilled over 400 152 dia, 180 dia, 60 dia and 40 dia holes.  The project was completed on time and under budget and is a 59 one and two bedroom apartment assisted living complex.

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