Chain Sawing

Suffolk Chain Sawing by Drill Masters

Suffolk Chain Sawing Experts

Chain Sawing – Is a handheld hydraulic chainsaw fitted with diamond teeth on the chain. These chain saws can cut reinforced concrete and brick to depths of 480mm.  As they operate on a chain method rather than a circular blade they can be plunged through a wall ensuring that over cutting is kept to a absolute minimum.  As they operate from a hydraulic power pack such as the Hycon HPP13 FLEX they are ideally suited to be operated inside a building as well as for outside jobs. Drill Masters uses the ICS 880F hydraulic concrete chainsaw which has a cutting depth of 480mm and a torque rating of 122 in-lbs.

Hydraulic chain saws are ideal for cutting doorways and windows where no overcutting is required or where deep cutting is required but limited access room is available.  Drill Masters have used chain sawing on many projects as per the video below.

We are experts in this field and capable of providing a rapid response across East Anglia.