Concrete Bursting

Concrete Bursting by Drill Masters

Concrete Bursting by Drill Masters

Is a safe, efficient method of removing reinforced or mass concrete.  Ideally used in office blocks, residential buildings or hospitals where large chunks of material need to be removed quietly and free of vibration.  Hydraulic Bursters are inserted in pre-drilled holes and expanded until the material is forced apart.  This reduces the concrete to manageable sections for removal.

This method is ideal for use in confined spaces as it can be easily maneuvered into position.

One of the leading manufacturers of concrete bursting systems is Darda.  Their bursters are operated via the Hydraulic power pack. Firstly 78 diameter holes are diamond cored in the slab at approx 1m intervals.  A burster is secured in the hole with spaces to hold it secure.  The hydraulic power pack is engaged and the burster expands causing the concrete to crack.

The reinforcement then needs detaching with a small angle grinder and the manageable sections can be removed.  This technique is fast and practical for removing concrete slabs where noise and water would present an issue.

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